Friday, February 3, 2017

Flowered Up - A Life With Brian - 1992

So, another little slice of mediocre Madchester that I felt the need to post.  An okay listen, not the greatest. A sign of the times that labels were willing to sign about any band who sounded like the Manchester sound.  There were good, and there were bad, but there were a shit-ton in the middle.  Just sort of there.

As it is, Flowered Up was mainly known for their spectacular hit Weekender, a mega track that personally lasted way too long.  A good song, just went on for fucking ever.  I mean, has anybody released an edited version of this that's less than 6 minutes long?  I'd be apt to listen to that one more than dragging on like it does.

With all my bitching, it makes you wonder why I'm even posting this.  I had a long, tough day.  Coming home, I had a flat tire as I left work, so I had to change that.  Then pick up the boys as my wife is still out of town.  Now, I've got to make some supper, and put them to bed before I can even do anything else.  At least one of them is 15, so I don't have to put him to bed, he can do that himself.  It's the 5-year-old bastard that's going to be a handful for me.  He's usually my wife's responsibility.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, though, and I'll make some more covers, so I should get some energy back.  And the wife will be home tomorrow night.  Hooray!  Maybe I'll "get some."


  1. I'll forgive you 'cos you've had a bad day, and for the fact that a) you've posted this in the first place and b) it's got (I presume) the 12.53 version of Weekender which will mean many more people will hear it.

    Those people, on hearing it, will no doubt interweb and find that Andy Weatherall did a remix. Don't bother, it's s*hite. The "video" isn't however, d/l that instead.

    And then, listen to the album. HUGELY underrated. And then listen to their "newer" stuff like Greedy Soul. And then despair in the realisation they will never make anything again. Because Joe and Liam have passed away. They burned bright.

    RIP. God, they were good.

    And Kid, you've got some taste, have I said that before? My favourite pub is closing down in 2 weeks - long may YOU continue for years to come. Take care.

  2. Hi Kid,

    I feel your pain on your bad day (I have 2 daughters 9 & 4 - both fucking nuts), but even now Weekender is still nothing short of a classic, in my humble opinion. I can still remember the video being shown over here in the UK late one night, recording it to video tape and then playing it to death before going out drinking. Now I'm a responsible dad and it's a great driving song, especially when my kids in the back wondering what the hell I'm listening to.

    Great blog, by the way....

  3. Have you some lives in audio, except three tracks on glasto'92 and live at the marquee club'90?

  4. Nice to get the remixes of Take It in decent quality at last!