Saturday, June 4, 2016

Stargazer Lilies - We Are the Dreamers - 2013

You're getting your daily update early, as I have to drive about 6 hours round trip to pick up my son tonight, and we'll be getting home late.

I randomly sample albums periodically based on my mood.  If I feel like trying something different, I generally choose something based on the genre it's catagorized under, then I look to see if I recognize any of the band members, and then I usually pick something that has a cool cover.  So, all you unsigned Indie bands out there, if your not the Beatles or Metallica, you better have an exciting damn cover.  No white covers, no black covers, because you'll get overlooked, regardless of what you sound like.

I did download this one because I was first attracted to the cover, then I noticed that they catagorized it as Post Punk Dream Pop, and that really perked my ears.  And the name of the band is Stargazer Lilies, as creative a name if I ever heard one.  So, why not?

If you are into Cocteau Twins, Lush, My Bloody Valentine and the like, you will probably like this.  The vocals are light, high and airy, while the instrumentation drifts from acoustic strumming to full on distortion, layered keyboards over guitars.  There are some great pop hooks on here, but nothing over the top.  It's a good listen, but they aren't going to make a huge name for themselves.

And sometimes that is a good thing.

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