Sunday, June 19, 2016

Housekeeping Notes

First off, I apologize for missing my posts last night.  I got carried away with some other projects and I completely spaced it off.  That's why I posted early today, and I will be back on track tomorrow.  Hopefully, the selections today will make up for it.

Secondly, PLEASE let me know if any of the links go down, and I will re-up them for you.  I don't have the time to go back and test every one of them, so it is up to you to let me know what is down and what is not.  If you want it, just let me know.

Lastly, if you have requests, I will accept some requests at times, depending on what I have collected, and also what I LIKE.  There are some specific bands and artists that you will never see anything posted on this site.  Here is a list of the major bands that you will NEVER see here -

Culture Club - Although I like some of their songs, I never cared for their albums or b-sides.  Don't know why, I just never did.

Siouxsie & the Banshees.  - You might see A Kiss In the Dreamhouse, Hyaena and Superstition, but that will be it, as I hate Siouxsie's voice.  Can't stand it.  BUT, Robert did play with them, and Superstition wasn't bad, but, that is it.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - I like Relax and Two Tribes, but that is it.  I never cared for their music...

B-52s - Although I've always liked Kate and Cindy's vocals, Fred Schneider is fucking annoying.  I feel he RUINS whatever song he sings on.  Absolutely ruins them.

Elvis Costello - I don't care for his vocals.  Never have, never will.  I can think of only two songs of his that I like, and one of them is only a soundtrack song.

10,000 Maniacs - I only ever liked Our Time In Eden.  That's it, can't explain why.  Sorry.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Never cared for the funk or the vocals.  I'd rather listen to Faith No More.

Bauhaus - Although I like Peter Murphy, I never cared for the music of Bauhaus.  I always thought they were silly.

Nine Inch Nails - I used to love Pretty Hate Machine, but, as time went by, I found Trent to be destructive and sacriligious.  I may have a somewhat foul mouth, but I have always respected Christianity and am a believer in God and Jesus.  I may be human, but I believe in the Grace that the Lord has provided, and I don't agree with anyone who will openly make fun of that.

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots - YUCK.  Soundgarden is about the only one I can tolerate anymore.  You MAY see Superunknown eventually, but that is it.

Sonic Youth - Who the hell ever said these guys were talented?!

Cheryl Crow, Alanis Morrissette, Fiona Apple - again with YUCK.

Talking Heads - David Byrne sucks.

I'm sure there are a million other bands and artists out there that you will probably never see on this site, due to me either not liking them, or that I don't know enough about.  But, this is a list of the major ones, so be aware.  I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you, just remember that I don't love everything!

I hope this clears up some stuff.  I'll post more Housekeeping as time goes by.

Thanks for visiting, guys.  Thanks for letting me share my stuff and my life with you.  It thrills me to know that there are people out there that care about the same things I do....

Be Awesome To Yourself!


  1. Hey KC2
    Are you my doppleganger?
    My hats of to your dedication in presenting your record collection for the masses. And in a unique and very entertaining manner. Love the Graphic Designing (I am one myself: love the 4AD catalog, James Marsh Illustrator of Talk Talk and Anton Corbin photography of so many more bands.
    Your posts are so reminiscent of the cassette tape days of filling every minute after the album with extras, b-sides and remixes! (from various friends, friends of friends and off the air). And then the artwork for the homemade tapes each one a personal thing of beauty and uniqueness. I still have many tapes but sadly they are in a box hardly ever seeing the light of day.
    And your story about the shopping mall record store and finding that rarity, I can clearly relate. My find was by Curve and the 2 blackerthreetracker singles, I thought what the hell are these doing in a sam goodys (not sure if that was the store but it seems like the type) It was all about the hunt and luckily with record stores and vinyl coming back I'm back on the prowl for so many more records that I really don't need, but want.
    Keep up the excellent work, I think i've d/l 2 compilations so cheers and thanks for them. Ill keep looking and maybe pick a few more.
    Cant think of any requests right now but I'm sure ill think of something, let me (us) know if you're looking for something too!

    1. I definitely will. Surprisingly enough, I have had to ask for a couple of things. I'm genuinely surprised that with the gluttonous mass of material available not just in blogs, torrents and Youtube, there are still some items out there that just can't be found. One day, though, I will have it all.... hehehehehehhehe..................

  2. Thanks for all your hard work. I enjoy your commentary. Thank you again.

    1. Sometimes I get diarrhea of the mouth, and other days I don't have a thing to say. Sometimes I wonder what people will think, and other times I wonder if anyone is reading at all. Thing about it, behind the security of a monitor and a keyboard, people generally feel free to speak their minds, while keeping a modicum of civil discourse. And, if no one reads, at least I have an online diary or memoir for future reference and perusal. But, it's good to know that there are others out there who enjoy what I have to say.... Thank you for visiting and reading. It keeps me going!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Still looking forward to the Secession post.

    1. It's done and ready to go. I'll get there soon...

  4. Do you have Riverside's second album, 'Taste'?

    1. Nope. Only have "One" from 1992. I might post it, I might not.

    2. Oooh, please, PLEASE post that one sometime! I used to have it, but sadly, my copy has disappeared somewhere into the ethers of three cross-country moves.

  5. Agreed with just about everything above (although I still like 80s Talking Heads). I agree with you on NIN. That one video gave me the creeps and just felt evil. I know that was the point, but I just thought it was too sacrilegious.

  6. How about Prefab Sprout (no one ever talks about them!) but check out "Cars And Girls". ‎Paddy McAloon has such a 'velvet' voice!

    1. I will try and get some up later this year/

  7. Hi, you have actually answered my post! I thought that you'd check your blog every once in a while. It's great to see that you're on top of it! BTW, great place, I really like to come here and visit it. Congrats! Well, again, since you've seen my last post, may I suggest a few more names? :-) How about The Europeans and Matt Johnson/The The? I sincerely consider Soul Mining a masterpiece, especially when Matt sings 'I'm just a symptom of the moral decay that's gnawing at the heart of the country' (The Sinking Feeling). The song was written between '82-'83 and still sounds so fresh and up-to-date with all that is going on today (Brexit, US, corruption in Brazil, etc.).