Sunday, April 17, 2016

Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - The Complete Singles Collection

One of my top 5 80s bands, OMD helped define who I am and how I viewed women, and what I thought about the world, and how to express myself.  Their "Greatest Hits" album (although I hate GH albums) was a soundtrack to my sophomore and junior years in High School. The song "Dreaming" was a swan song of sorts to Chicago when I moved to the midwest.  Breaks my heart just thinking about it!!!!

This collection is every track from every single up to Dreaming.  There are some mixes of Dreaming that are missing, but I didn't have enough material to fill a seventh disc. Remember this is a completist's dream, not something to sit and listen to, well, maybe.  It can be hard to listen to 4 different mixes of the same song back to back.

Some highlights include the Martin Hannett mixes of Electricity and Almost, the Georgia 10-Inch Mix, the Long version of Telegraph, the extended remix of Never Turn Away and  the Special American Mix of So In Love.

Enjoy, and make OMD a part of your balanced breakfast...



  1. Thanks for this amazing effort. however, a quick note, I think there are two tracks missing - from Vol. 2 - Joan of Arc and Sacred Heart. The files go
    25 - Georgia
    26 - Georgia (10" mix)
    26 - Georgia (12" Version)
    27 - The Romance of the Telescope.

    1. Thanks for the assist. I will correct this on Saturday.

  2. I have noting from them so i'm looking forward to this set.