Friday, April 8, 2016

Curve - Doppelganger - 1991

1991 was the year after High School, and my first year in College.  Lonely, afraid and wondering what the hell I was planning on doing with my life, I completely immersed myself in music.

1991 was good in the fact that New Wave had petered out, and Post Punk was actually mainstream.  Grunge was beginning to take hold in the US, and in Europe, Madchester was the rage, as well as Shoegaze, the British version of Grunge.

If Shoegaze had gone mainstream, it would've been lead by the likes of Curve.  Doppelganger, their first full length album followed 4 brilliant EPs.  The album and it's associated singles sounded like a mix of Grunge and Proto-Techno with a hint of Manchester Sound.  Layer Toni Halliday's voice over the top, and you have a lush (sic) and gorgeous album that can easily stay in your player for days without tiring.

I hated the original album cover, so I used the graphics from the Fait Accompli single from the album.  I then attached all of the b-sides on the end of the album, along with the mix of Horrorhead and the extended mix of Fait.

So lovely....  but wait until you hear Cuckoo...

Curve - Doppelganger - 1991


  1. British press really screwed the pooch. They loved all of Curve's EP's then when this dropped they said the collective album was equivalent to the third best track on their EP's. I love Coast is Clear EP but Doppelganger blows their previous work away. Not a big fan of their follow up to this album and have never listened to anything post 93/94 but may have to.

  2. "as well as Shoegaze, the British version of Grunge."

    You know what? I'd never thought of it like that before. It kinda makes sense. And I prefer the British version ten thousand times better.

    Grunge was the one alternative music genre that I grew tired of the quickest. I don't even mix it. Give me one or two Mudhoney, Nirvana, and Soundgarden songs and I'm good.