Saturday, April 9, 2016

In the Shadow of the Madchester Sound....

During the early nineties, the Manchester or "Madchester" Sound was in full swing.  We also had Techno and House swinging into full gear, along with Grunge.

This little mix is a handful of tunes that fell somewhere in the middle of all of that.  Maybe Jangle? Maybe Shoegaze? Maybe Indie?  Maybe a little of everything, and maybe just a lot of heart.

We've got James sounding like an Indie Anthem band, an album track from New Order's LAST GOOD ALBUM, a Hollow Men track from the greatest album never heard, an opening discovery of the Sundays, the Heart Throbs, Curve and Lush.  A little Siouxsie, a little Robert, a little Twins, and A LOT of Timeless Melody...

This one has a permanent slot in my car's sun visor CD holder for quick access.

Timeless Melody

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