Saturday, April 9, 2016

Death of Rock?

This blog, I think, has been a long time coming for me.  It's only until this morning, that I fully understand why I've started it, despite what I said in my first post last week.

I have a friend in Chicago that I've been discussing music and politics with.  At the end of last year (or was it the beginning of this year?), he straight up asked me this one simple question, that I thought I had an answer for, but now I'm not sure.

Where are today's anthem tracks?  Where are today's big acts that truly represent the heart and soul of rock and roll?  Every generation typically has a group/song/genre that represents what that generation stands for, and they can proudly wear like a badge.  Does this generation even have anything?

Today, I truly see ONE theme, RECYCLE.  We have reuse, recycle, download, sample.  It would seem everything has been done before. 

Am I really becoming that old man I thought I would outlive?  Every 5 years or so, I wipe my musical tastes clean and jump out there with an open mind and try and pick up some new and exciting stuff, just to stay fresh and relevant and informed.  But, I look back, and the last album/band that I thought to be legitimate is the 2009 album "Primary Colours" by the band "the Horrors".  Seven years ago!  Now, the Horrors have released another very relevant album called "Luminous" in 2013, but even that is their 6th album, and it's good, but.....   They are also a "Post Punk Revival" band.  REVIVAL.  REHASH. REDO.   And, that is only one band.  and who's heard of them, other than the very few of us out there looking?  Who else is out there, anybody?

I honestly think the last time we heard some really interesting music was in 2004-2005.  We had the Killers, Bravery, Kasabian, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Dandy Warhols.  WOW.  Yes, these groups are still around now, but is any of their material any good?  Not as good as before...

Anyway, I also feel that I have become VERY picky on my music, too.  I almost feel guarded for a let down before I even start the song.  I can't hardly get the song started, and if it hasn't grabbed me, then the whole album is doomed.  Or, I get this "heard it before" feeling that sits in my gullet an sours every note after...

So, maybe this blog is my memoirs of a time gone by.  Maybe this is the obituary of the 80s Post Punk era.  We will see.


  1. He's been around for a while (his first album came out in 2003), but if you're looking for something fresh and new, I'd recommend Patrick Wolf. He's a songwriter, producer, arranger, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, and he's absolutely brilliant. His music sounds like nothing else out there, and he's one of the most interesting artists I've ever heard.

  2. The best way to judge an era of music is what's considered Top 100 Albums for the year--in sales. Right now there is some solid music being produced, but the Top 200 albums is generic crap with no soul. Even Kanye West mailed in his last album. Kids are like kids of the 50's--they watch Youtube and are fed their music.