Saturday, June 10, 2017

True Colors + Duran2 Liberty


So, Netflix has added the movie Trolls to their selections.  Of course, my 5 year old wanted to watch it last night, and my wife obliged.  What a DUMB ASS MOVIE.  I fell asleep about half way through.  I just couldn't stand it. 

But, suddenly, I was awoken by one of my favorite 80s songs, and it took my breath away....

My god, it's freeking Justin Timberlake of all people.  I can't stand that dude.  But, this cover version is outstanding.  It goes to show how powerful the original version was.  It wasn't just written solidly, it was written perfectly.  Perfection.  The melodies and lyrics are legendary, to say the least. 

I love this version of True Colors, despite the fact it was sung by Justin Timberlake.  Just don't watch that fucking Trolls movie.  It is beyond a waste of time.

Another note, I am working on more Duran material, and I have discovered something I never knew existed.  I need your help.

According to this Duran Wikia entry, there are two songs from the Liberty sessions that I know nothing about.  I've never heard of them before now, and I can't find them for the the life of me.  I almost wonder if this entry is full of crap, but who can tell?  One is called Juice, and the other is called Hymn For the Preacher.

Has anyone, anywhere heard of these before, and do you have them?  I know that Liberty is their worst album ever, but I still have to have every track, regardless.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


  1. Hi KC2, just to say that the way you write your post it's hilarious. Never change.
    I agree with True Colors (the song and the Cyndi Lauper album as well), but I love Liberty from A to Z. Maybe it's because that album was part of the soundtrack of my teen years.
    By the way, I have no idea of that two songs you name. I hope you grab them, or else... my God!

    Hugs from the virtual end of the planet!

  2. You're probably already familiar with this, but I love Roddy's version too.

  3. As my partner has a 7-year-old wee girl, I end up having to watch a *LOT* of kid's movies on the regular. Often it hurts. Sometimes I consider a fully-public display of seppuku. But man, along with ZOOTOPIA, TROLLS was honestly one of the few kid-flicks I was able to stand last year. I don't know what kind of amazing fare you are showing yours, but Trolls at least had some laughs (ie. the cloud) and a pretty solid soundtrack. Plus it really didn't talk-down to the viewer the way most of that crap does. You've obv. never had to sit through any of the many (MANY!) Barbie vids that have flooded the market.... *reaches for sword*

    1. Fortunately, with two boys, I never have to see any of the girly stuff. I have seen every episode of Magic School Bus at least five times each.

      Angry Birds was crap, Zootopia was good. I loved Secret Life of Pets and Kungfu Panda 3. Finding Dory was a nightmare, and I don't expect much better with Cars 3. Haven't seen Sing, yet, so can't comment.

    2. One of the major things I hate about movies nowadays is there always seems to be a political slant hidden in the message. As a prepped myself, I felt bad for Branch, as they made him look like a nutcase. I can't help but reinterpret these films politically. My wife hates it when I do that. Says I ruin the films for her when I bring it up. My oldest son just rolls his eyes.

    3. Fair points.... I'm disappointed to hear FINDING DORY isn't good, I had high hopes I'd be able to stand that one. Ugh.
      Sometimes I wish I could just show her "Phantom Of The Paradise" and let her suffer a few nightmares, just like my parents did with me! Hell, I turned out OK.... *cough*

    4. Grebo Guru --

      You're another "Phantom of the Paradise" fan?! I THINK I LOVE YOU! That's still one of my favorite movies after all these years. The first time I saw it was in 1981 when I was a junior in high school -- and coincidentally, I'd just had to read "Phantom of the Opera" for an English class. I love the way the film mixes "Faust" with PotO. And damn, can Jessica Harper ever sing! "Old Souls" will always be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

      I've always wanted to go to Canada's "Phantompalooza" festival, but I've never made it there. And I was just crushed to find out that William Finley (Winslow) died a few years ago.

      Gonna go pull out my PotP dvd and watch it again right now ....

  4. I don't think anyone has heard those two DD tracks you mentioned. There was some chat about it on the message boards, but no audio came out of it. I have a huge DD collection; released and unreleased material, and those two Liberty demos are still a mystery to me.