Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flesh For Lulu - Long Live the New Flesh - 1987

Back on June 10th I threw out a pop quiz with the promise of a choice for an extended album.  Mr Stevo answered correctly, so I promised to make a set for him.  Now, a month and a half later, I finally have his post....

To be honest, I know next to nothing about Flesh For Lulu.  Aside from their soundtrack hit I Go Crazy, I haven't heard much by them. Even their Wikipedia page doesn't really go into too much detail, other than they were a band struggling to get recognized, but always falling short.  Too bad.  Because, from what I heard as I was compiling these tracks, they are really a noteworthy band that I need to delve further into.

In 2003 they released a remaster of this album with 4 extra tracks on it.  As you can see, I added a hell of a lot more than that.  Partly because I added their Idol EP, which was released the year before LLtNF, so that added an additional four tracks, plus a few other odds and ends.

I've also added a "maxi-single" of I Go Crazy because I thought it would be fun, and they had a bunch of mixes, too.  I will say this is the one song of theirs that I've listened to a thousand times, because I find it's pophook to be spectacular.  I love it.  (Plus, as a child of the 80s, how could you not love any song featured in a John Hughes movie?)

Anyway, I hope I've given you something special, Stevo.  Let me know if it meets your standards..

PS - Stay tuned for quite possibly my worst post ever on Friday.  I just looked at it and I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking...


  1. I LOVED this album back in the 80s, and I think it still sounds just as good today as it did when I was grooving on it 30 years ago. I also had the "I Go Crazy" maxi-single -- that song (and the presence of Eric Stoltz, who I had a mama-sized crush on at the time) was actually what got me to the theater to see "Some Kind of Wonderful"!

    If you like this album, I'd highly recommend the follow-up, "Plastic Fantastic," too. I don't think it hangs together as well as this one does, but there are some great tracks and it's a worthy successor to LLtNF. It's too bad that Nick Marsh passed away just a couple of years after they reunited in 2013 -- I'd like to have seen them make a comeback. Sadly, I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, glad other people can hear it & appreciate it. Here's a FLAC link to their (as of August 2017) unreleased debut album, which is a great post punk/goth album:

    The debut is getting a bumper deluxe release next month though check this out see if it's worth some of your hard earned cash....

    1. I should elaborate, unreleased digitally, and not at all since the original vinyl back in 1984