Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Art Of Noise - In No Sense? Nonsense! - 1987

Not a whole lot to say about this one, today.  Just another collection of AoN perfection.  When this album came out, I had heard a couple of their songs that I thought were pretty good.  But, I didn't really get into them until after I got their Best Of set, and started collecting their singles.  So, most of this album was beyond me until about the mid to late 90s. 

Although I am not a huge fan of Dragnet, I found the rest of the album to be incredible.  Great, great stuff.  And, I know that Kiss was more a part of their Best Of release, but I wanted to associate it with an album, and this was the closest one.

Please let me know if I've missed anything....

Have a great evening!


  1. OK - time for a major geek out...

    There should be a deluxe version of this coming soon (in the wake of In Visible Silence, which was a few months ago.) What I'm curious to see is if they fix a problem that has existed since the very first pressing/issue of this, which is : "Ode To Don Jose" should be BEFORE "A Day At The Races". Which may not seem like a big deal, but it is, damn it. And if you listen to beginnings and ends of them you can clearly hear how they're fucked up now.

    I FINALLY, just a few months ago - after being bugged by it for over 25 years, was able to (in Audacity) successfully put them back in the right sequence, which is harder than it sounds because of where they edited things. The missing puzzle piece was a B side "medley" (I believe from one of the "Kiss" singles) that contains the full bit of them with the stable guy jingling his whatever it is he's jingling, and the brief dialogue leading into the "They're under starters orders and they're off..." intro of ADATR.

    The original LP was right, and original cassettes were right. (I still have one.) For years I had thought the original US Chrysalis CD was right, but I'm now thinking I must have dreamt it, because I've never seen one.

    Anyway - after all that (pardon my mess) - what is left to be said is that, for me, this album is their most well-rounded and complete masterpiece, as an entity. Which is why the track order is important!

    OK. As you all were...

    1. We all geek out here, otherwise we wouldn't be reading/writing on this little blog. I'm glad to have a fellow geek along for the ride....

  2. If I didn't already rip my singles from this album to my computer, I would be all over this! Such a great album.
    The Arthur Baker 7" of Dragnet is missing, though. Dragnet '88 is also missing, but that may be too late to include for this album since it was the next year.