Saturday, September 30, 2017

Roland Orzabal - Tomcats Screaming Outside - 2001

Huge expectations and desires when this one came out.  Why he chose to use his name rather than Tears For Fears is really beyond me, considering he'd been doing it that way for a decade.  I know that he and Curt were working together again, but another release of TfF would have gotten him a hell of a lot more attention than an album under his own name.

Excellent, excellent material on this one.  Absolutely fabulous.  One track after the next, we get classic Orzabal sound, with a modern flare and experimentation.  A little more electronic, drum & bass, and other styles current to this release.  Mind you, there are two songs on this one, though that I don't really care for, but for the sake of all of you, I won't tell you which ones, as I don't want to ruin it for anyone.  But, for the rest, all I can say is WOW.

It's unfortunate that it didn't get any attention or airplay.  But, when you have a name like Roland, and you are unknown to the general populace that doesn't normally pay attention much, it's bound to happen.  Wikipedia seems to blame it on 9/11, as it was released on that day, but I doubt that.  Maybe Wiki is just indirectly claiming it was cursed?  I don't know.  All I know is that it is one of Orzabal's best, and needs to be recognized for it.

Always hated the original cover, it just doesn't jive well for me.  Used the Lowlife single sleeve for this one, and seems more appropriate.

Dude, it's been one of those weeks.  Sorry for posting late, but yesterday sucked hard.  Plain and simple.


  1. Hey thanks for this, have not heard this before. Thanks a million.

  2. This along with the songs he wrote and produced for Amiliana Torrini were really a step in a different direction re-embracing the electronics that really buoyed early TFF. I think releasing it under his name was likely a statement of that change of direction, or perhaps leaving the door open for a proper TFF reunion, regardless, the songs got lost in bad timing, no airplay, Nor name recognition, a weak promotional department due to being on a small label, and I'm sure the 911 thing did not help, I think just about every record released around then did not do too well. You definitely added a few ones here, so this should be interesting... Thank You.

  3. Have never heard this before, thanks for sharing!!

  4. An excellent album that had several potential radio hits - but unfortunately it did not have success. A great addition to your collection.

  5. Been waiting to hear this for a long time, thank you bro, Om Shanti........RL

  6. Wonderful to read this review on a largely unknown masterpiece of an album. The album definitely marked a change in direction as Roland experimented with drum and bass and electro as you mentioned. It would seem that any genre or style he turns his hand to he makes work brilliantly. An essential album for any Orzabal or TFF fan. I agree with your view on the album cover, very mysterious indeed. The album cover does not let on what a masterpiece of an album it is, like many other great albums by several artists.