Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & the Cooked - 1988

So, for some reason I got done with the cover of the remix discs (2) to accompany this album, but I didn't finish the back side/track side of them.  They've been sitting around for a month or more waiting for me to finish them, and here I thought they were already done.  Well, that will make for another post later on in the year.....

Anyway, here is the complete version of FYC's 1988 album, the Raw & the Cooked.  I was somewhat of a fan of the singles when they came out, but at that time I was hip deep in collecting rare Cure, DM and New Order 12" singles, and too busy with that to notice the album itself.  Years after the fact, I found the CD at a garage sale for 50cents, and had to make the purchase.  I wonder why I waited so long....   Some of the b-sides I've never heard before now.  I have never collected this for myself, so several of the tracks are completely new.  I'm pretty sure I've got them all on here, but even Pull The Sucker Off snuck up on my out of nowhere after I had finished the back cover once, and had to redo it.

I am scheduling this post out, as I speak, and when you read it, I'll be two days into my week of traveling.  I used to think that traveling for a living would be easy, but I was wrong.  It's hard.  Sitting in the car for 8 out of 10 hours of the day, traveling through endless countrysides, trying to convince people to buy more of product they already have too much of and I'm not even interested in it.  Spending 3 to 4 nights out of the week in hotels, strange and uncomfortable beds, smelly rooms, poor internet and phone connections.  And in these small towns, there is NOTHING to do.  This last week, I spent Thursday night sitting on a curb outside of a gas station in this town out in the middle of nowhere, playing solitaire on my iPad and smoking cigarettes, all because I didn't want to go back and sit in my hotel room.  Wow, what fun!  I guess that as time goes by, I'll get used to it. But, right now it's rough.  Hate it.  All this, knowing that my wife and boys are at home without me.  So it is...  The things we do for our families.

So, I'll post the remix discs for this album later on in the year.  The cover I did for the discs is awesome, so they'll stand as a good set on their own.  Enjoy this album, though, and I'll see you on Friday.

Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & the Cooked - 1988

PS - You will all be happy to know that with my new job, I got a new company car.  There is no CD player in the car, so I have to Bluetooth music from my iPad.  I now understand with 100% certainty the absolute necessity of proper Mp3tags and volume leveling.  So, from now on, all of your Mp3s will be properly tagged and leveled.   Also, would any of you prefer I post both MP3s and M4As?


  1. Mate - You should get a camera - what you see and write about so eloquently you should document - it would make a great project. Very much looking forward to the remix LP. By the way we can trade the shitty internet connections if you want - me in China

    1. I read your post this morning while I was driving, and it sparked a flurry of invention that has motivated me to pursue making another blog specifically for what you've suggested. It would reach a much broader audience than this blog, take less time to make posts, and fill that blank time in my head with something creative and productive. Plus, I think that a lot of people would be surprised at the work these people do to keep all of us fed.... Thank you KW!

  2. Hi,
    One vote for mp3 in preference to m4a!

  3. The posting of m4a's is an immediate sign of a blogger that has no freakin' clue. About anything.

    This is not you. So proceed accordingly.

  4. I've loved this album ever since it first came out. All of my friends HATED Roland Gift's voice because of the falsetto, but I think he's a fantastic singer, and the great falsetto is one thing that makes him so listenable, at least to me. Not only does he have a fantastic voice, but this album has some great songs. It still holds up today just as well as it did when I first got it (on tape, no less -- I didn't get my first cd player until the end of 1991) nearly thirty years ago.

    Count me as another person who vastly prefers mp3s.

  5. great album. Thank you friend.