Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blur - 13 - 1999 - Already Been Deluxed!

Already Been Deluxed - Day Two - Blur's album "13"

After the release of all of the Blur Deluxe Editions, I thought that this one was the only one that I couldn't and wouldn't tinker with.  It's complete, and has it all.  Not my favorite of theirs, it is still their most mature and best written.  It's really their most vulnerable, I feel, and definitely an example of their best production (William Orbit, of course)

Again, nothing I could add, but needed to be posted.  If you don't have it already.....

Blur - 13 - 1999 - Disc Two

Starting tomorrow, I will be normalizing all of the tracks that I post.  Makes for a better sounding album, and I just found the software to do it....

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