Sunday, April 16, 2017

A-ha - Hunting High & Low - 1985 - Already Been Deluxed!

 Already Been Deluxed - Day Seven - A-ha - Hunting High & Low - 1985

This was the collection that inspired me to do the "Already Been Deluxed" week to begin with.  One of my favorite albums, A-ha has released the BEST deluxe version of any album I've ever found.  You have album tracks, b-sides, remixes, unavailable tracks, demos and early versions.  All my favorite types of tracks.  

No one can think of 80s music or consider 80s music without mentioning Take On Me.  It is quintessential 80s to the Nth degree.  The entire album is Synthpop perfection.  Even though Take On Me has been overplayed thousands of times, it is still fun to hear and sing along.  Train Of Thought is catchy and rhythmic, and The Sun Always Shines On TV is by far the best song on the album.  Fortunately, the beloved Dreamtime has remixed the crap out of it, making a mammoth 13 minute version.

I have posted the four disc set exactly as released, and added my new covers to them.  I will admit, though, that I did add material to disc one that wasn't previously on there, but the collection as a whole is so complete, I think it still qualifies for this week in particular.

As ALWAYS - I want to think our superb fan-mixers Dreamtime and McDoc for their great work, as they've made versions uniquely their own, without changing the sound and style of the original.  Wonderful job, guys!

Tomorrow starts "Nothing Extra Nothing More" week, with seven days of awesome albums that don't have any bonus material that I can add, but are definitely in my top album category, and worthy of being recognized even though they are not "Deluxed".

CD1   CD2   CD3   CD4


  1. WOW! I already love this album just as it was when it was first released (and when I got it, about the time "Take on Me" hit #1!), but all these extra goodies are INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to listen to them all!

  2. I have a little question ...... how many Dreamtime Mixes you have and if it would be possible to .... as they are so good. I used to follow his site years ago while it was up and running.

    1. After doing a "quick Search" on my external "Music Catalogue" drive, it would appear that I have 46 mixes. Isn't that nice. If you message me your email, I'll upload and send you a link to zippy with all of them.

    2. KidChaos2 that would be so super cool and I would be very truly in your dept big time. Free flow beer for you if you ever get yourself to Shanghai China. My email is

      I am already hopping with excitement - super cool and thanks so much in advance - coooool

    3. and of course if you are ever i n Mexico during the summer drop me a line. (work in Shanghai spend my summers in Mexico)

    4. -= Martin L. Gore =-April 18, 2017 at 9:38 AM

      Maybe you should just release a Dreamtime compilation ... you were looking for ideas a while ago ... how about fan mixes week?!

  3. -= Martin L. Gore =-April 18, 2017 at 9:43 AM

    It always amazes me that A-Ha are considered a One-Hit-Wonder in America, when they had so many hits in Europe and deservedly so!

    Even more amazing is to follow the transition of TAKE ON ME from the fairly cheesy Demo version to the final product! Sometimes a good producer can apparently make all the difference, especially in the case of "Hunting High and Low".

    I already had this 4xCD but thank you for adding the remixes to CD1! This was a great package to begin with, but when you expand an album to 4 CDs, I think the label could have sprung for a couple of new mixes! (You should have also included the Kygo remix from a couple of years ago ... it's quite good).

    GREAT RELEASE as always ... THANK YOU

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