Thursday, December 29, 2016

I got some questions....

Is it just me, or are any of you having problems downloading from  I can't seem to get any of the files I've tried to download more than halfway done, and they say that they are too big (more than 1GB) even though they aren't any more than 500MB.  Sucks. Sucks. and more Sucks.

Also, what do you all do with what I give you when you download?  Do any of you actually print up the covers and burn discs and make your own CDs?  Do you embed the cover graphics in the Mp3 files?  What do you do?  I'm sure that 95% of the material I post is stuff you already have, so really it would only be the covers, then.  I don't know. 

What answers do you have for me?


  1. A theory I have about the Mega limit, which may or may not be true, is that since it downloads from there in that sort of "two-part" stage, is that it might sometimes be an issue with your comps available memory, and between the two stages, it overruns it in some way.

    Sorry if that sounds like gibberish - let me try one more angle with it, since I do know what you're talking about (seeing under 1GB files not downloading.)

    I've had Mega ones that did not download for me on one try, but did on another, and it was probably the case that I had something else (or several something else's) going the first time around, and when I went back to the Mega one later, it worked. Make sense? I hope!

  2. i have found that the downloads always work in Chrome, elsewhere they finish "most" of the time.

  3. Yeah, as the initial poster above, I should have noted that I'm using IE. Tried to install Chrome once. Absolute nightmare for me. Never again.

  4. I haven't had a problem with Mega, but then, I've never tried to DL anything from there that's over 2MB. I live way out in the boonies (or, as I call it, the Ass End of Nowhere), and the only high-speed internet we have out here is satellite, which has a monthly data cap -- and we can't afford the packages of data over 10GB. So I really have to watch what I DL and be very careful with the data. Fortunately, we DO have a Late Night Free Zone, where I can DL as much as I want, but it's sadly only from midnight to 5 AM, and I'm usually fading and dozing in my chair by 1 AM!

    I don't print the covers, as my printer died a couple of years ago, but I DO burn the cds. You see, not quite eight years ago, before my Grandma had her stroke and I moved here to be her home caretaker (there is no way we're going to put her in a nursing home, only as a VERY last resort), I was living with a so-called "friend" in Monterey (actually, Sand City), CA. When Gran had her stroke and I had to move back here quickly, I gave my "friend" HUNDREDS of dollars to send my things back to me. I'd only been there for about 8 months, so I didn't have much furniture, and I didn't want that. I just really wanted my desktop computer, my books, my dvds, and of course, my cds.

    Well, she sent about half of my stuff back to me, to make a long story short. Most of my books, about 1/3 of the 300 or so dvds I had, and about 1/4 of my over 1000 cds. I gave her enough money to send back everything, and would have gladly given her more to get all of my belongings back. What the bitch did was move out, get a new cell phone, and basically cut off all access/communication -- and I found out later that she was selling my belongings on eBay for LOTS of money, as a lot of what I had was rare/OOP, and it was all in great condition. And when I got my desktop back, she had gone out of her way to remove my ripped copies of all the hard copy cds she kept, so I wouldn't have my favorite music. A horrible, nasty piece of work, a thief, a liar, and nothing even vaguely resembling a "friend."

    Anyway! Wow, I ran off at the mouth there, sorry! I burn all of what I download, as I'm trying to replace the music that it literally took me a lifetime to collect. And I really appreciate the extras that you put on the albums!

  5. I use to burn my own cd's but these days I'm fine with just having mp3's of my music collection which I have 3 backups of on multiple hard drives. I do enjoy your site, your stories that you share with us, and the covers you make. I've done the same thing myself. Thanks.

  6. I tend to embed the cover into the files - great stuff

  7. No problems downloading using IE or Chrome and I embed the graphics.

  8. Hello KC2, I noticed that too. With files between 500 and 600 MB, the DL drops.
    About the sleeves and the achitecture of the CD itself, I'm sad to declare that I listen to music directly from my PC (.mp3 and the like), wich doesn't mean I can't appreciate a goos job. In fact, this site is a Good Job.
    Happy new year to you and your readers, listeners, downloaders, etc. Hugs from the other side of this rock.

  9. KC2, I haven't burned a disc in over a year now. I make several HD back-up copies of my mp3's, and use your cover art embeded in the mp3's in my iTunes folders (have given the things I have downloaded from you their own folder - KC2 Deluxe Editions).
    Love your cover art by the way... you have a really good eye for making improvements to the originals.
    I've never had any problems downloading from Mega. I use Firefox on a Mac.

    Once again I want to take the time to say thank-you for all the music you have provided. I found quite a few groups & artists through you that I normally wouldn't listen to. Sorry I just wasn't able to join you on the Techno Rave journey... I really tried but that form of music just isn't for me.
    While I do have a good number of the regular album music you post... The 'B' sides, remixes and unreleased tracks... those I don't usually have, and I really digging them. So please keep on doing what you're doing. Mahalo from the Mid-Pacific.

  10. First of all, thanks for all the music, appreciated. I never burn cds anymore, but keep all the music files on portable hard drives. As for the artwork, I like it, but again, never print it.
    For me download the fastest of all, also no spam nonsense, never had any problems until now (touch wood!).

  11. No problems with Mega here.

    To echo some of the previous comments... love the site and your hard work in assembling and commenting on these collections. I haven't burnt a CD in over a decade but do appreciate the artwork. As with others I usually have the 'base' album already, but the extras are often unheard revelations to me and those are IMHO the real gems here, especially when heard alongside more familiar tracks.

  12. Use Mipony or MegaSynch downloaders. It's a free stuff