Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cure - Faith - 1981

SO, nothing completely unique or spectacular about this post.  Just doing what's right for the album.  On their deluxe disc set, disc two was almost entirely unnecessary as the few tracks that were actually needed, could have fit on the first disc.  And, I eliminated Carnage Visors from this release, as well.  There are a couple tracks from the deluxe disc that needed to be added, and the b-sides to the singles.  I put Charlotte Sometimes on it for good measure, to give the single a home.

To me, this is an essential Cure album, but it is also something that is not necessarily breath-taking or earth-shattering.  It's just another Post Punk/Gothic staple that has several great tracks, with great performances by all.  What more could you want?

Anyway, rearranging the living room tonight with the wife, so I'm lucky I had the time to post this.  And remember...  Techno/Rave Week starts on Monday!!!!!!!!


  1. This is one of my favorite Cure albums. It's nothing earth-shaking, just a good solid album by a band that was just coming into its prime around this time. Some great songs, and the whole album fits together as a whole very well. My personal favorite on this album would be "Other Voices," but I like all of the songs on this one. And I love the ones you've added! "Charlotte Sometimes" has always been a particular favorite Cure track of mine.

  2. Beyond solid, this album. I adore it front-to-back, and FAITH is surely one of the greatest songs they ever wrote, IMO. The supa-dupa long live version on the flip of the CHARLOTTE 12-inch is a thing of pure beauty.
    Looking forward to checking this out, thanks!

  3. hello, is there any chance you could reup this to a host other than zippy ? pretty please and thank you
    cheers Luke