Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pop Will Eat Itself - Cure For Sanity - 1990

I'm not a HUGE fan of PWEI, but this album was my first exposure to them.  I bought the single to Dance Of the Mad based on the title and the awesome cover art.  Electronic/Techno was just barely starting out, and I was interested in finding more.  Also, being a big fan of Skinny Puppy and NIN (at the time), I thought it might be some new Industrial, too.  I didn't know.

Upon listening to it, I would now call it a hybrid of Techno/Industrial/Madchester/Hip Hop.  Wild.  For the most part, it's a great album.  But, I do get tired of the vocals before I can finish an album.  The vocals are SO annoying to me.  Musically, it is wonderful.  Hard but happy, manic but precise, cold and warm.  It's a walk down the street, confident and bold.

It's very dated and period, but it's fun and reminds me of when I was young and out with some friends who were more interested in Marky Mark, Boys II Men and Heavy D.  I tried to play some of this, and the finger on the eject button was fast as greased lightning.  "None of your weird shit." is all I ever heard.  Didn't bug me, though.  I was well aware that I was their musical superior.

I THINK this is everything.  Tough to say.  These guys (like BAD II and Beloved) are tough to sort all of the different tracks out.  Hope it's all there, but, if it's not, so what.  They're not THAT good....


  1. Pshaw. The hell they're not "that" good. They are/were woefully unappreciated, and where they excelled FAR above anybody else (with the possible exception of BAD) you might want to loosely lump in as their "ilk" was in the songwriting department, which just kept getting better and better. Though it probably peaked on the next one, then dipped a bit on the last one.

    And all you gotta do is look at that little period of bands who clearly would never have existed without them being there first to see that whatever they lacked in "bigness" they certainly had in impact. I'm especially looking at you, Jesus Jones and EMF. (Though to be fair, you subtract the first Age Of Chance album from the universe, and PWEI start to look a little different too.)

  2. disc one is corrupt

    1. So it is... Actually, it's just track one. But, I will reupload later today. sorry about that.

  3. "They're not THAT good...."
    Literally my favourite album of all time.

  4. Disc 2 no longer available online