Sunday, March 12, 2017

Duran Duran - Youtube Unstaged - 2011

As you may have guessed, for my final night of live shows, I've chosen to do a set of Duran Duran shows.  Big surprise, right?

I'm starting with the "bonus" show (I've decided to do 3 instead of 2) because it's a fabulous show, and I didn't even have to make a fabulous cover to match.  It's already been made!

When D2 started touring for AYNIN, there were these wonderful soundboard shows that started popping up that were absolutely amazing.  An unknown fan (RomanDuran?) like myself started making these beautiful covers that matched the album like no other.  In fact, they look better than the actual album art.  I implore you to seek these shows out, and find these great covers, as they are a worthy addition to any D2 collection.  I collected all of them (about 12 shows, I think) and burned them all off and printed the covers to match.  Now, when I start flipping through the Duran section in my CD library, I'm greeted by a host of discs just waiting to be played.  Problem is, it's really tough to choose a favorite, because they're all so good.

This is one of my favorites.  It's great because the show is crystal clear and professionally engineered for broadcast.  The production is very tight, and I'd put it as a better show than the Diamond In the Mind concert that they released commercially.  The instrumentation is balanced and Simon's vocals are solid and on key from start to finish.

So, this is the bonus...  On to tonight's other two shows!

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