Thursday, November 16, 2017

Not Dead Yet.... But Almost.

So this is the second to last post of albums that I've got prepared.  I've got one more batch of 3 that I'll post when I feel like it later on.

I already told my wife that even though I've run out of finished work, the site won't die completely.  I'll always come back to this when I get the urge.  But, we'll see.

Edit - I reuploaded some albums, so if you've made a request recently, you may want to check on those.

As I said, 3 more albums left, but it may take me a couple weeks to get the urge again///////


  1. I hope the urge remains persistent :-D Thank you for all the sharing!

  2. This site is a new discovery for me.....Great music....
    Much Thanks

  3. Thanks for your dedication and care with the blog. We really liked this stuff posted

  4. hello please reup

  5. I want you back! More, please! It's all tooo goood.

  6. Thanks a lot for the excellent work. I discover a lot of hidden treasures thanks to your blog.

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  8. I love your blog, even though you dont like Siouxsie's voice. And I now know a guy called 'FatBob'. You are an honest guy with interesting views. Keep it honest mate, love your opinions.

  9. Ahh. Just did a search on your site for ABC. Nothing. Beauty Stab is the most underrated LP of the 90's. REALLY!!!!!!

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