Friday, November 3, 2017

Visage - Beat Boy - 1984



  1. Love this album. I've been a big Visage fan ever since their first album. Such a tragedy that Steve died just when they were starting to make a big comeback. Still, we're lucky that he left us with some amazing music!

  2. Always thought the first "side" and "The Promise" were a bit weak. But "Can You Hear Me", "Love Glove" and "Yesterday's Shadow" would have made an A+ level EP.

  3. Hello, I just discovered your blog and I'm really grateful that I did.
    You're like that one cool musically diverse uncle that all of us wished to have. I've read all the entries from 2016 and it's sad to see you go Sir. Take care out there with your family. Greetings and much love from the Philippines.